Welcome to the Dolomites, and to Chalet Campiglio Doss!  

Now that you’ve all arrived, kick back, explore the chalet, choose your bedroom of choice and open one of the local bottles of wine we’ve left waiting for you on the dining table in the Great Room.  Or we’ve also provided you with some herbal teas and espresso pods in the kitchen if you’d prefer a warm drink upon your arrival. 

Feel free to prepare a fire immediately too!  We’ve stocked you with plenty of wood for your stay to keep a fire crackling all week long.  There are some cosy and warm blankets on the sofas to curl up under too.   Don’t forget your drink.

Chalet Campiglio Doss is a home, and we invite you to feel at home here, just as we do.  The chalet has a long history and love affair with this area and its’ people.  She was built in the 16th century, so she has experienced her fair share of history.   We purchased this chalet at the start of November 2017.  It was love at first visit.  We have since spent a large part of 2018 beginning to make our own memories within the chalet.  Our young daughters have enjoyed sledding at the front and back of the chalet, experienced their first ski lessons on the local slopes and have since spent many hours playing on their playground at the front of the chalet this past summer.  The varying levels in the chalet are great fun for little ones to play hide-and-seek too.  There are plenty of nooks and crannies to hide away in too. 

During 2018, we spent a few months making as many upgrades to the chalet as possible to ensure a certain level of immediate comforts for our family, and guests.  The chalet will be closed from 1st May 2019 til October 2019 when she will receive rather significant upgrades and a lot of well-needed pampering so she can be reopened in November 2019 for the first fall of snow. 

 Have a look at our welcome book for a list of our favorite restaurants, our house rules, and some other tidbits which will help you get your holiday started.

And, of course, feel free to contact us by mobile at +44 078 3719 9433 if you have any questions or concerns.  We speak Italian and English fluently.

Most importantly, enjoy your stay! 

 The Amelia Family



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